Out of the box Integrations

We support out-of-the-box intgeration of the below tools/softwares, so that you can build a nice & rich looking web application using these ready-made plugins.

Data Source Integrations

Integrate internal or external data sources such as Google Sheet, Airtable, Firebase, MongoDB, etc. to:

  • Pull/Fetch Data from different Data Sources
  • Push Data to various 3rd party services
  • Sync Data between different systems

Webhooks Integrations

Connect your web application with different applications using webhooks such as Airtable, Integromat, Zapier, etc. to:

  • Sync your web app data with other applications
  • Save time from updating rapidly changing data

Analytics Integrations

Add third-party analytical tools in your web applications such as Google Analytics, HibSpot, Hotjar, etc. to:

  • Incorporate analytic operations to boost decision making.
  • To analyze raw data and make insights to grow your business.

Social Media Integrations

Integrate different social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter to:

  • Expand your business reach by leaving your footprint on social media.
  • Reach more people to expand your consumer base.
  • Encourage brand engagement to build an even bigger audience.

Notifications Integrations

Integrate different notification tools such as Email (AWS SES, SendGrid), SMS (Twilio), Calendly, etc. in your web application to:

  • Interact with your consumers to provide better customer services
  • Connect with people globally using web service APIs
  • Schedule automated workflows to send email, notifications, demos, etc.

3rd Party Software Integrations

We have done integrations with several external platforms, so that you can utilize their services in a smooth and seamless way.

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