Pricing Plans

Build any web app that is scalable, secure, and fully compliant to industry regulations.
No credit card & no trial period is required.

done 1 Web App
done 15 Web Pages
done 2000 Records Data
done 2 Plugins
done 0.5 GB Storage
done DrapCode Subdomain
done DrapCode Branding
done 1 Developer Seat
done Community Support

$95 / monthly

Get Started

done Everything in Free Plan
done 1 Web App
done 50 Web Pages
done 5 Plugins
done 100% White Label
done 5 GB Storage
done 1 Week Data Backup
done 1 Developer Seat
done Code Export
done Email Support

$275 / monthly

Get Started

done Everything in Professional Plan
done Upto 3 Web Apps
done 100 Web Pages
done 10 Plugins
done 10 GB Storage
done 2 Weeks Data Backup
done Hosting Region Options
done 1 Developer Seat
done Code Export
done Priority Email Support

Plans Comparison

Here is the detailed view of each plan. So that you can compare and see which one fits best for your needs.

DrapCode Branding check clear clear
Custom Domain clear check check
Developer Seats 1 1 1
External/End Users 100 2000 10000
Unpublished Projects 2 4 10
Published/Live Projects clear 1 3
Builder & Design
Design Components check check check
Pre Built Templates check check check
Custom HTML/CSS Code check check check
Custom JavaScript Code/Libraries check check check
Unlimited Code Export clear check
With yearly commitment
With yearly commitment
Snippet Snapshots clear check
1 per Snippet
2 per Snippet
Page Snapshots clear check
1 per page
2 per page
Developer API Access check check check
Web Pages 15 50 100
Plugins 2 5 10
External APIs 10 25 50
Email Templates 5 25 50
Database & Storage
Automated Backups Every 24 hours Every 12 hours Every 6 hours
Items/Records Data 2000 Records
250MB of Disk Storage Data
1 GB of Disk Storage Data
2 GB of Disk Storage Data
File/Images Storage 250 MB 4 GB 8 GB
Server & Infrastructure
SSL Certificate check check check
Hosting Region USA USA
USA, Canada, EU,
India, Australia.
Memory (RAM) 0.5 GB 2 GB 4 GB
vCPUs 1 2 2
Bandwidth 10 GB 100 GB 250 GB
Sandbox Environment clear clear Add on
Help & Support
Weekly Office Hours check check check
Support Channels Community Email Priority Email
Account Manager clear clear check
Training & 1:1 Sessions clear clear Add On

Add On Features

Additional Feature Additional Price Per Month

All Prices are in $USD

Extra Developer Seat $20
Additional 100 GB Bandwidth $20
Additional 10 GB File Storage $20
Additional 5 GB Data Storage $20
Custom SSL Certificate $10
Sandbox Environment $100
Additional Server Capacity Custom

*All these features can be added to any paid plan.

Hire Experts

Hire Experts to build your app

If you need help in building you web app, then please reach out to us and we would be happy to help you develop your web app for you and then you can take it forward from there.

Get your web apps developed by our experts

Train your employees/team-members to manage the app themselves

Ongoing support for new development/enhancement

Support on deployment on your infrastructure

Continuous monitoring and updates

We charge an hourly rates for the development and it starts from as low as $30 per hour. No minimum commitment needed. Pay as you go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can start building your no code/low code web apps on DrapCode for free using our free plan. However, there are some of the advanced features, such as team member collaboration, custom SSL certificate, code export, etc. that you can't use under the free plan.
DrapCode has a feature of inviting team members which allows users to collaborate with others on the same project with the click of a button. However, this feature is not available in the free plan.
One of the best things about DrapCode is that it gives you complete control over your web app’s flow and design as well as its source code, which some other no code web app development platforms don't give. Also, being a no code to pro-code platform, DrapCode caters to the needs of everyone from techies to non-techies, developers to citizen developers.
Yes, you can easily upgrade as well as downgrade your subscription plan of our no code/low code app builder anytime you want. Your changes will take effect from the next billing cycle.
Being a no code web application builder, DrapCode allows you to easily transfer your no code app projects along with their ownership without coding from your DrapCode account to someone else's account with a click of a button.
DrapCode is a kind of no-code web application builder with no limitation on the number of projects or web apps one builds on it. However, if you have a free plan, then you can only create up to five web apps. Also, you only have to pay, when your web apps go live.
DrapCode is the best no-code app builder which allows you to add as many custom features you want in your app that the builder doesn’t provide by writing or inserting HTML, CSS or JavaScript code. And this is what makes DrapCode a perfect choice for professional developers to build web applications faster with the complete freedom to make technical alterations through hand-coding.
drapCode is a free no code web app builder that allows its users to easily change the domain name of their no code web app and host it on a custom domain. You only have to create a CNAME record in your domain and point it to your project's DrapCode subdomain.
No, exporting source code in DrapCode is not free. You have to subscribe to a paid plan to export the source code of your web app on DrapCode.
Yes, you can do whatever changes you want to do in the exported code in any code editor. Please note that once you have exported the code, you cannot import it back to the DrapCode builder and then make the changes. However, you can make the required changes in your previously created no code app in DrapCode and then export the code again.
The backend code of a web app gets exported in the NodeJS format, the frontend code gets exported in the HTML, CSS & Javascript format, and the database gets exported in the MongoDB format. Soon the option of multiple language code export will be added too. Our development team is working on it. For reference, the exported code looks like this: Sample Code
Once you have exported the source code of your web app from DrapCode, it completely belongs to you. And that's what makes Drapcode the best no code app builder. You don’t have to provide any attribution to DrapCode or maintain your subscription plan with DrapCode after exporting the code.
If you are not using DrapCode after exporting the code, you don't have to pay the subscription fee at all. We give you 100% control over the exported code so you can have 0% dependency on DrapCode going forward.
You can easily deploy the exported source code from DrapCode to any public or private cloud or server of your choice, such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean etc
A Web page is a single Web page layout which you create to display data to the end user, the data can be static or dynamic or both. So lets say if you have a product page and you have 1000s of products which use the same page layout, then it is 1 page for us. Similar if you have a user profile page, so it is counted as 1 page although you may have 100s of users viewing their profile using that page.
vCPUs means a virtual CPU on which your web application in running. Each vCPU is a thread of a CPU core. So 1 vCPU means a thread running dedicatedly for your web app on a shared server.
Every Web app under a paid plan, runs in a dedicated container of its own, sharing the fixed resources of underlying server machine. So no two application interferes with the performance of each other.
Shared resources or server is the case where we run several web apps on a bigger server, and each of them consuming the Memory & vCPU as per their allocation on the server configuration. In the dedicated server, a single web application is running in a dedicated environment with no sharing of its underlying resourcs with any other web app.
No, unfortunately we can't do that as it will be too much for us to maintain the app once it is exported and deployed on some other server. However, we do have partners that can help you maintain your application after exporting it from DrapCode. Also, our development team is working on adding a feature to allow users to deploy their web apps directly to a public cloud from the DrapCode dashboard.
We are here to stay as we have strong backing with a huge vision and very long roadmap. We are just getting started. But if we ever plan to close down, then we will offer the source code of your web apps at free of cost, so that you can continue running them on your servers.

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