No Code Multi Tenant SaaS Builder

What is a No Code Multi-Tenant SaaS Builder?

What is a No Code Multi-Tenant SaaS Builder?

A no code platform that allows people with zero coding knowledge and experience to set up a multi-tenant SaaS application without any coding. You receive a readymade multi-tenant architecture in a no code environment where each tenant is kept completely isolated and siloed. They share absolutely nothing with fellow tenants and receive full privacy and individual identity. Therefore, there is zero concern for your data getting exposed to a wrong tenant. Also, each tenant is given full liberty to scale independently.


Build and design a powerful multi-tenant SaaS application without coding. Customise it to your liking and scale up as you grow.

Roles and Permissions

Provide independent access control to each tenant in the multi-tenant environment.
  • Collaborate with Team Members
  • Control data & Displayed Content
  • Assign Permissions
  • Restrict Data on Basis of Roles
  • Maintain High Security
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Set Up a Multi-Tenant SaaS

Integrate a multi-tenant SaaS system with a click of a button using a simple plugin.
  • Edit & Customise Multi-Tenant Workflows
  • Manage Huge Amounts of Data
  • Multi-Tenant Database
  • High Data Security
  • Full Transparency
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Team Management

Each tenant can collaborate with multiple team members on a project and easily manage the whole team and project via role based access control.
  • Use Admin Dashboard
  • Maintain Custom Reports
  • Collaborate with Teams
  • Effective Team Management
  • Enhance Team Productivity
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Custom Email Templates

Install multi-tenant SaaS in your web app via a simple plugin and easily set up a multi-tenant environment.
  • Multiple Custom Email Templates
  • Automated Workflows
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Engaging Content
  • Time & Cost Saving
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Single Sign On (SSO)

Use the single sign-on authentication system that will allow users to log into your web app with a single ID. Users will log into your web app once in a day using only one set of credentials.
  • Fully Secured Login
  • Standard Regulations.
  • Cyber Attacks Secured
  • Single Set of Credentials
  • Easy Management
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Personalised Logo & Branding

Create a custom web app with 100% white label. Add a personal logo, brand and trademark to rebrand your web app as you want.
  • 100% White Label
  • Zero attribution to DrapCode
  • Personalised Logo
  • Freedom to Rebrand
  • Individual Brand Identity
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Admin Dashboard

Easily make modifications in data and manage your database from a common admin dashboard from where all team members can access the database without entering the builder console.
  • Easy Data Management
  • Data Security
  • Convenient Shortcuts
  • Real-Time Information
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Tenant-Wise Custom Domain (Coming Soon)

Provide a custom domain to each tenant so they can set up their online shop or website on a unique domain. Allows tenants to get identified and helps them with routing requests.
  • Strengthen Your Brand
  • Drive High Traffic to Your Web App
  • Maintain Individual Brand Identity
  • Build Trust of Your Audience
  • Zero Maintenance
  • No Deployment
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Isolated Multi-Tenant Data

Easily isolate data and give data access to only authorised users or user roles. Tenants remain unaware of fellow tenants/organisations and can access or view their own data only.
  • Authorised Data Access
  • Data Authority to Every Tenant
  • High Data Security
  • Data Privacy
  • Zero Visibility of Fellow Tenant’s Data
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Tenant Usage Analytics

Accurately gather a broad gamut of resource consumption metrics to analyse tenant usage. This data will help you boost your business plan.
  • Active Clientele
  • Profits Per Tenant
  • Infrastructure Costs Per Tenant
  • User Engagement
  • Product Life Cycles
  • Usage Reports
  • Predefined Dashboards
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Policy Management

Address tenant requirements via policy management and take care of your tenants’ needs and requirements.
  • Centralised Tenant Configuration
  • Improved Tenant Experience
  • Enhance Performance
  • Customise Tenant Personas
  • Better Governance
  • Maintain Tenant Accountability
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Why Build Your Multi-Tenant SaaS on DrapCode?

Efficient Resource Distribution

You can distribute resources efficiently without spending your budget on operations related to development of a product, its delivery and support. Also, any kind of hardware upgrade won’t be required as you grow.

Zero Maintenance

All maintenance will be handled by our team so you don’t have to worry about any kind of maintenance. It will allow you to save money and focus diligently on your business goals.

Third-Party Integration

Single tenant design gives more room to customisations. It’s true that a single-tenant design allows for more customization. Nevertheless, apps designed with a multi-tenant SaaS design and advanced APIs can easily be integrated with external third-party platforms.

Fast Scaling

Scaling could be expensive but not with us. You can easily scale your SaaS web app whenever you want by making a monthly payment. It will save you from the all time taking process of scaling up your app and will be easy on your pocket.

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