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Empower your organization with cutting-edge Enterprise web apps.
Whether you're a large corporation or a growing enterprise, DrapCode offers the features you need to build powerful and scalable web applications tailored to your business needs.

Product Selection

Offer different versions of a product to meet the differing needs of enterprise buyers.

Single sign-on

Facilitate businesses in overseeing users through a unified, central directory.

Audit Logs

Offer admin a comprehensive log of account actions and events.

Role-Based Access Control

Control user access and permissions with granular role-based settings for data privacy and security.

Change Management

Provide admin with tools to effectively introduce new features and make product changes.


European Union's regulation ensuring privacy rights, governing personal data processing.

Product Security

Showcase robust application security through the implementation of industry best practices.

Deployment Options

Harmonize data security and application efficiency by offering adaptable deployment alternatives.

Multi-Platform Support

Deliver a consistent experience across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

NoCode Platform to handle Enterprise Level challenges

DrapCode is one of the best solution for Enterprises looking to provide seamless experience to their users and customers.

With our secure, scalable, robust and easy to use drag-and-drop platform, organizations can launch their digital products in no time and making sure to comply with industry standards and regulations.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Develop CRM platforms to manage customer interactions, sales leads, and marketing campaigns efficiently.

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Project Management

Build project management tools to track tasks, timelines, and progress across teams and projects.

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Client & Vendor Portals

Develop systems to manage Clients, Vendors, suppliers, and orders for efficient business operations.

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Create ERP solutions to integrate various business processes like finance, procurement, and production.

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Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Build data analytics platforms to analyze and visualize business data for informed decision-making.

Document Management

Develop secure document management systems to organize, share, and collaborate on company files.

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Customer Support and Help desk

Build customer support portals to handle inquiries, tickets, and support requests.

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Compliance and Risk Management Platform

Create platforms to manage compliance requirements and mitigate risks across the organization.

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Sales and Marketing Automation

Develop systems to automate sales and marketing processes, including lead generation and nurturing.

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