Modern way to build web apps!

Easily build beautiful web-apps, connect your data data, and implement custom functionality and build the workflow as your business needs.

Drag & Drop Builder

Enjoy the graphical user interface (GUI) to visually build and design your no code app with the WYSIWYG approach.

Custom Database

Integrate your existing data Or start fresh with our internal database. Control & display data from different sources.

External Integrations

Third-party plugins to integrate external services & add more functionalities in your web app without coding.

Free Starter Templates

Beautifully designed responsive templates with scope of customisation to build and launch no code apps within a day.

100% White Label

Map your application to a custom domain or subdomain of your choice, secure it with SSL certificate and build 100% white label web app.

Mobile Apps (PWA)

Launch your web apps for mobile users as PWAs and give them seamless experience on mobile devices without extra effort.

100% Custom UI

Create custom designs as you like by dragging and dropping components and using no code design tools.

Custom CSS Classes

Custom JS Libraries

Custom HTML/CSS/JS Code

Import Pre Designed UI Templates

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Role and Permissions based access

Role & Permissions based access

Authenticate your web app with different roles in a highly secured environment.

Login & Sign Up Mechanism

Firebase, Supabase, Xano, Backendless Authentication

Login via Magic Link on email

Login via OTP

Login & Signup using External Auth

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Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Launch your web apps as PWAs that visually look and function like mobile apps. Easily install without any license from app stores.

Easy App Distribution

No High Memory Consuming Installation

Easy to Share and Install

High Security

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Data Sources & Webhooks

Send and fetch data from external databases by making automated no code API calls that involve zero coding.

Google Sheets, Airtable, etc

MongoDB, DynamoDB, DocumentDB, Postgres, MySQL etc

Firebase, Supabase, Realtime Database, etc

any REST API driven Datasource

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Control & Manage Your Data

Use an inbuilt database or connect to your existing database & build apps on top of it.

Pull & Push data via REST APIs

Host Database at any Location

Data Encryption at Rest & in Transit

Bring & Manage Your Own Data Encryption Keys Cloud

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Email, SMS & Push Notifications

Send automated notifications via email, SMS or Push Notifications for different purposes and easily interact with your client base.

Twilio, Landbot, etc

AWS SES, Sendgrid, Sparkpost, etc

Calendly Integration

Android & iOS Push Notifications

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Export Code & Take Control!

Enjoy the freedom to export the source code of your web app whenever you want.

Full Source Code Download (Backend + Frontend + Database)

Edit & Manage Code (as needed)

One Click Deployment

Deploy to Any Public/Private Cloud

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Don't worry about coding. Build your app the no-code way.

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