Awesome Features to build NoCode Apps!

DrapCode is a complete app building platform with amazing features to build and design web applications visually. Now assemble, shape, design and launch your web apps without writing a single line of code.

User-friendly Builder

A WYSIWYG builder that allows you to construct and design your web apps in the most convenient way possible.

Start for Free!

Become a NoCoder for free and start building your web apps without paying anything. Just Signup and start [No]Coding.

Simplified Documentation

Get a detailed documentation in simple words with GIFs to easily learn how to use the builder and navigate through it.

Scale Fast

Despite being a complete package to build great applications, our dedicated team is constantly working to make it even better.

Start Building your NoCode/LowCode App!

DrapCode comes with a complete toolkit to assemble, shape and design a web app without writing any code. It's flexible nature allows you to manipulate each and every component as per your need.

Components to cater all your needs

Several components to lay the structure of your web applications, which are placed at one place to give you a user-friendly experience. Also, each component is divided and sectioned under a category so you can easily navigate through the builder:

  • Basic UI Elements
  • Layout Components
  • Form Elements
  • Advanced UI/UX
  • CMS / Dynamic Data
  • Social Media Components

Drag & Drop feature to keep it simple and easy

Drag-&-drop feature is the most important feature of a no-code app builder, and DrapCode also has it. You can simply build web applications by dragging and dropping all components and assemble them to your liking like a lego with zero coding.

You can also drag-and-drop ready made components and sections which will build your web application in no time.

Internal & external Data Sources to play with Dynamic data

DrapCode has an internally integrated database in the form of collections in which you can easily add or move huge amounts of data from different servers using internal or external sources very easily such as:

  • Databases like PostgreSQL, MySQL & MongoDB
  • Google Sheet
  • Airtable
  • Firebase Realtime Database
  • Firestore
  • Firebase & AWS Lambda Functions

Easy-to-Integrate plugins for additional functionalities

You get several plugins and third-party integrations to add external services and more functionalities in your web application, such as:

  • Social Media Plugins
  • External Database Integrations
  • Analytical Integrations
  • Webhook Integrations
  • Notification Integrations

Pre-built sections to avoid building from scratch

Several ready-to-use sections which are fully built and designed to save your time from going through the step-by-step building process.

  • Very Flexible:

    Pre-built sections need no modification, but are flexible and can be further modified.

  • Easy-to-use:

    Very easy to add as you simply have to drag-and-drop the pre-built section component in your canvas.

  • Options to Choose:

    Each section is designed differently so you get a variety to choose from.

Custom coding to incorporate custom features

Allows you to add custom features by adding custom codes to give your web application a unique touch.

  • Custom Code:

    You can write a code and add it immediately to your web app hassle-free.

  • Code Import:

    You can copy paste any type of code from different sources to easily add a feature or a functionality.

Easy & Convenient Data Management/Back Office Portal

A dedicated section for data management that allows you to manage all the data in your web application from one place.

  • Visual Data Management:

    You can see all the web app data visually and easily analyse the progress so far.

  • Easy Additions:

    You can make additions and deletions in the data without going to the builder.

  • Well Organised:

    All your data is properly segregated and organised for easy navigation.

Role-based Access Permissions to ensure Security

Role-based permission to different modules/sections to provide complete security to your web application.

  • Show / Hide Sections:

    Assigning roles and permissions let you control the visibility of certails sections of the applications.

  • Data Organization:

    Allows you to organize different modules on the same platform through different roles.

No Code Automated Workflows

You can create automated workflows in the form of events to smoothly run different operations in your web application.

Easy to Implement

Workflow events are very easy to create and bind with a component to run successfully and each step is explained in the user documentation.

Efficient & Coding Free

Adding workflow automation involves no coding at all. Also, it works very efficiently.

No Maintenance Needed:

Once you’ve created an automated workflow event, you don’t have to think twice about it, because it needs zero maintenance.

Reduce time to Market. Build Fast.

Build your application Visually using our ready-made templates and pre-defined modules. Get users feedback, iterate and proceed.


Design the UI of pages with No design experience needed. Easy to learn and implement.


Build the components of the Application using visual builder. Define roles, permissions and custom workflow.


Launch the application to real users on the click of a mouse. Let them use and provide you feedback. Iterate and Scale fast.

Ready to become a NoCoder?

Start today, it’s free to start building your app.