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DrapCode is a one-stop destination with amazing features to create powerful no code apps visually without code. So, assemble, shape, design and launch your web apps now without writing a single line of code.

NoCode Components

Drag & Drop Builder

Multiple drag-and-drop components to easily build fully responsive no code apps in no time.

Custom Database

Integrate your existing data Or start fresh with our internal database. Control & display data from different sources.

External Plugins

Several third-party plugins to incorporate external services & add more functionalities in your web application without coding.

Free Templates

Beautifully built and designed responsive templates with scope of customisation to build and launch no code apps within a day.

NoCode Project Build and Design

Design & Build

Rapidly build powerful no code apps with complex functionalities without coding by using drag-and-drop components and no code design tools.
  • Reusable Components
  • Clone Readymade Projects or Templates
  • CMS/Dynamic Data
  • Write Custom Code
  • External Third-Party Plugins
  • Webhooks, such as Zapier, Integromat, REST APIs, etc.
  • Data Sources, such as Airtable, Google Sheets, Firebase, etc.
  • Role-Based Access & Permissions
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Launch & Iterate

Make your no code web application live with a click of a button. Moreover, launch it on multiple platforms of your choice without any technical dependency.
  • iOS & Android Response Web Apps
  • PWA Version on Web
  • App Testing in Preview Mode
  • Back Office Portal
  • Fast & Secure Hosting
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NoCode Project Launch and Iterate
NoCode Project Scale and Grow Project

Scale & Grow

Scale and iterate your no code app to grow your product or business without any complications and external technical support.
  • Deploy to Any Public/Private Cloud-Based Infrastructure
  • Team Member Collaboration
  • Continuous Updates & Code Enhancements
  • Version Control & Rollback
  • Complete Data & Code Control
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Export Code & Take Control!

Create your no code applications on DrapCode with full freedom to export the source code of your projects whenever you want. Also, deploy them on any public or private cloud of your choice.
  • Full Source Code Download (Backend + Frontend + Database)
  • Edit & Manage Code (as needed)
  • One Click Deployment
  • Deploy to Any Public/Private Cloud
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NoCode Export Project Code
NoCode Project Control your Data

Control & Manage your Data

Connect to your existing database and build web apps on top of it. Or start fresh with our inbuilt database. Connect data sources such as Airtable, Google Sheet, Firebase, REST APIs and enrich your web application.
  • Connect existing MongoDB Database such as Atlas, DocumentDB etc.
  • Host Database or web app at the location of your choice.
  • Control your data without any external access, not even us.
  • Data Encryption at Rest and in Transit.
  • Bring & Manager your own Data Encryption keys.
  • Use DrapCode only as frontend layer, without persisting any data.
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Reduce Time to Market. Use No-Code & Build Fast.

Build and launch your app, website or software visually using our ready-made no code templates and pre-defined modules. Also, get users feedback, iterate and proceed.

NoCode Custom Code

Custom Code

Customise your no code web apps by adding different features & functionalities, which the builder doesn’t provide through custom coding.

NoCode SEO

SEO Optimisation

Optimise your no code web applications by adding meta titles and meta descriptions for every page to improve search results for better traffic.

NoCode Automation

Automated Workflows

Create no code automated workflows in the form of events to smoothly run different operations without any maintenance.

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