No-Code approach for building Loan Origination Platform (LOS) Platform

Welcome to a new era of loan origination. Tired of rigid, off-the-shelf solutions that don't align with your unique lending processes? With DrapCode, you have the power to build tailor-made loan origination platforms without any coding skills. Unleash efficiency, flexibility, and innovation in your lending operations.

Must-Have features in your Loan Origination Software (LOS)

Harness advanced analytics and risk assessment tools to make intelligent lending decisions, ensuring a strong and secure loan portfolio.

Application Portal

Streamline the loan application process, allowing borrowers to submit applications easily while providing lenders with a centralized platform for review and approval.

Credit Scoring

Assess the creditworthiness of applicants using comprehensive credit scoring models and risk assessment tools, helping lenders make informed decisions.

Document Management

Store, organize, and manage borrower documentation, such as income statements and identification, to ensure compliance and streamline audits.

Automated Underwriting

Implement automated underwriting rules to expedite loan approvals, reducing manual intervention and improving efficiency.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensure adherence to industry regulations and compliance standards, automating compliance checks and reporting.

Integration Capabilities

Seamlessly integrate with external systems, such as credit bureaus, payment gateways, KYC, etc to centralize data and streamline processes.

Workflow Automation

Create customizable loan origination workflows that automate tasks, reducing errors and speeding up the lending process.

Loan Product Configurator

Enable lenders to define and configure various loan products with specific terms, interest rates, and eligibility criteria.

Analytics and Reporting

Provide detailed reporting and analytics tools to monitor application status, track loan portfolio performance, and identify areas for improvement.

Unleash the Potential

Streamline the loan origination process with our software, from application submission to approval, enabling faster, error-free lending operations.


Customized Workflows

Design loan origination workflows that perfectly match your lending procedures.

Streamlined Application Processing

Accelerate application review and approval with automation and digital document management.

Risk Assessment Tools

Develop advanced risk assessment models and integrate them seamlessly into your platform.

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Intelligent Decisioning

Utilize data analytics and machine learning for smarter lending decisions.

Compliance & Reporting

Ensure compliance with industry regulations and generate comprehensive reports effortlessly.

Integration Flexibility

Seamlessly connect with external systems, such as credit bureaus and payment processors.

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Why Choose DrapCode?

Join the ranks of forward-thinking lending institutions and take control of your loan origination like never before. Welcome to the future of lending with DrapCode.

No Coding Required

With help of no code we can streamlines the entire loan origination process, reducing manual tasks and paperwork. We can use ready made drag and drop features to Automates workflows, leading to faster processing times and quicker loan approvals.

Tailored for Your Needs

With the power of customization you can create a user-friendly interface for borrowers, improving the overall customer experience.

Rapid Deployment

Get your custom loan origination system up and running in record time.

Secure & Scalable

As your lending business grows, so can your platform, ensuring it always meets your evolving needs.


Achieve a competitive edge without the hefty development costs.

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Revolutionize your loan origination process with a platform designed specifically for your business.
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