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No Code Integrations

We support out-of-the-box integrations of different tools and software listed below. Use ready-made plugins and build a nice, rich-looking no code app.

  • Third Party Plugins

  • Custom Plugins

  • NoCode Data Source Integration

    Data Source Integrations

    Integrate different data sources and easily move data from one place to another.

    Fetch & Push fetch data via automated workflows

    Push data to External databases like Firebase, Supabase, Xano, Backendless, etc

    Sync data between different systems

    Build nocode apps on Airtable, Google Sheet, etc

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    Webhooks Integrations

    Connect different external applications and tools via custom callbacks to create and update data

    Sync data with other applications

    Update rapidly changing data

    Integrate with Zapier, Make (Integromat), etc

    Receive data from 1000s of applications without any hassle

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    NoCode Data Source Integration

    Analytics Integrations

    Add third-party analytical tools for research and evaluation purposes.

    Gather & Store user behaviour data

    Alnalytics to help decision making

    Analyse raw data and insights

    Integrate services like Google Analytics, Segment, Hotjar, Hubspot, etc

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    Social Media Integrations

    Integrate different social media platforms and engage with your audience.

    Authenticate users using social media accounts

    Expand your business reach

    Reach more and more people

    Encourage brand engagement

    Signup and Login with Twitter, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc

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    NoCode Data Source Integration

    Notifications Integrations

    Integrate different notification tools and schedule automated emails, SMSs & Push Notifications.

    Send Transactional Emails, SMSes etc

    Increase customer engagement

    Provide better customer services

    Improve conversion rate

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