What is a No Code Multi-Vendor Marketplace Builder?

A no code platform that allows you to build an online marketplace with multi-vendor capacity without any coding. Such platforms have ready-made components and templates which make the process of setting up a multi-vendor marketplace easier and faster. You can easily host multiple vendors in their isolated spaces where no vendor will interact with each other in any way or access each other’s data.


Building powerful multi-vendor marketplaces without coding is possible with no code. Now you can easily set up your online marketplace embed with powerful features.

Custom Roles & Permissions

Custom Roles & Permissions

Set up a multi-vendor marketplace with role-based access to ensure security. Assign permissions to different roles to restrict displayed content.

Access to Multiple User Roles

Set up Stores on Single Domain

High Security & Scalability

Full Data Privacy

Control Vendor data Visibility

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Vendor Management

Streamline the process of onboarding new products and services or products to improve communication with multiple vendors.

Onboarding System

Custom Database for Storage

Time Saving

Easy Communication

Better Management

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Vendor Management
No Code Payment Gateway Integration

Payment Gateway Integration

Easily integrate Stripe Connect to your web app via simple plugin and set up a payment gateway to handle vendor revenue share on time.

Easy-to-Use Plugin

Manage Refunds

Manage Vendor Payouts

High Security Environment

Manage Commissions

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Data Management

Handle huge amounts of data by segregating it on the basis of different categories, value, vendors’ credit ratings etc.

Visual Dashboards

Track Old & New Data

Ensure Better Management

Make Better Decisions

Efficiently Handle Multiple Accounts

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No Code Data Management

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Readymade Templates

Don't start from scratch! Use our pre-configured ready-to-use responsive templates
and build your web apps faster.

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