Looking to switch from Backendless?

Here’s why you should consider DrapCode.

Internal Tools & Public Facing Web Apps
With Rich design capabilities and full UI flexibility, you can easily use DrapCode to build internal tools for your teams as well as nice-looking public facing web apps for your end users.
User Roles and Permissions (RBAC)
Drapcode supports user roles and permissions, allowing you to define different access levels for users. You can set up roles with specific permissions to control who can view, edit, or delete data.
Access & Visibility Controls
Drapcode provides access controls that enable you to restrict access to specific section or components. This can help prevent unauthorized access to your application and ensure data security.
Data Encryption
Drapcode supports built-in encryption for data stored in its database. You can bring your own AWS KMS keys to encrypt the data while at rest and can be decrypted when needed.
100% Custom UI Design
Drapcode supports designing of pages using Bootstrap html theme. So you can choose from 1000s of Bootstrap themes and build your application using those themes, so that you can build nice looking UI from day 1.
Code Export
DrapCode's capability to generate the full source code of your web app in the real time and enable you to export it, so that you can change and use it as needed.
No Vendor Lock-In
DrapCode's capability to export the full source code of your web app enables you to self host the application to your public/private cloud of your choice without any dependency on DrapCode.
Each DrapCode application runs in a standalone environment of its own, such as database and servers, which makes it highly scalable specifically designed for high-traffic or enterprise-level applications.
Hosting Regions
Since each DrapCode application runs in a standalone environment of its own, such as database and servers, it enables us to host the application and its data in the global regions of your choice such as US, UK EU, South America , Australia, Canada, India, Middle-East, SEA, etc.

Compare Backendless vs DrapCode

Let’s examine the primary elements of the both no-code platforms and detect the highlights of what you can expect from each of them. Using our handy table, you’ll quickly find the most relevant option for you!

Visual Builder
Inbuilt Database
Data Sources
Plugins & Integrations
Custom Domain
Code Export
Self Hosting
HTML Themes for UI
SSL Encryption
Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
Price Fixed Fixed
Learning Curve Easy Easy
Enterprise Ready
Vendor Lock-In
Data Encryption
Sandbox/Test Environment
Audit Logs
Server Access
Database Access
Enterprise SSO
GDPR Compliance
HIPAA Compliance
3rd party Security Audits
SLAs & Escalation
Help & Support
In-House Experts
Account Manager
1:1 Training Sessions

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