No Code SaaS Builder

What is a No Code SaaS Builder?

What is a No Code SaaS Builder?

Allows you to build a SaaS application without traditional programming. Instead such platforms allow you to build and interact with SaaS products without any coding. Also, they give enough space and flexibility to customise everything as per your requirement without indulging in hand-coding. They offer a graphical user interface in which you can set up a custom SaaS application by dragging and dropping different components and style them using no code styling tools.


Set up a SaaS application faster without coding. Customise components, design and functions as per your requirements.

Roles and Permissions

Invite team members and give team access on the basis of their role. Ensure data security and safe access to your web app’s builder console.
  • Create Multiple User Profiles
  • Control Page Visibility
  • Assign Role- Based Permissions
  • Maintain High Security
  • Manage User Activity
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Team Management

Collaborate with different team members on a project and easily manage the whole team and project via role-based access control, admin dashboard, etc.
  • Use Admin Dashboard
  • Maintain Custom Reports
  • Collaborate with Teams
  • Assign Tasks & Duties
  • Effective Team Management
  • Enhance Team Productivity
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team management

Single Sign On (SSO)

Use the single sign-on authentication system that will allow users to log into your web app with a single ID.
  • Fully Secured Login
  • Standard Regulations.
  • Cyber Attacks Secured
  • Single Set of Credentials
  • Easy Management
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Super Admin Control

Give all team members the access to the admin section to provide access to the collective database if you want.
  • Easy Data Modifications
  • Restricted Access to Builder Console
  • Efficient Data Management
  • Collective Database
  • Restricted Access to Data
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Subscription-Based Plans

Choose a subscription-based plan and start your no code journey of building an SaaS app without coding. Also, recurring billing leads to predictable revenue.
  • Upgrade Your Pricing Plan
  • Downgrade Your Pricing Plan as per requirement
  • Cheaper Billing
  • Highly Customisable Environment
  • Time Saving
  • Predictable Revenue
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Custom Reports

Build custom reports to easily manage data and analyse the performance of your organisation, team members, product, services, etc.
  • Visually Understand Progress
  • Analyse Performance
  • Manage Huge Amounts of Data
  • Improve Your Team Productivity
  • Get Actionable Insights
  • Make Evidence-Based Decisions
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Data Security

High data security ensures that your personal information such as email addresses, contact numbers, social security numbers, passwords, etc remains safe and secure.
  • PII compliant
  • HIPAA compliant
  • High Cyber Security
  • Secured business Transactions
  • Secured Financial Statements
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Easy Customisation

Build a highly customisable SaaS application that can be modified easily without much effort and fits your business requirements completely.
  • 100% Customisable Components
  • Modify your Product
  • Stand Out from the Competition
  • Zero Customisation Cost
  • Better Customer Insights
  • Scale Up Your Business
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Access Management

Create multiple roles and easily manage their activities. Give access to different roles or and revoke it as per your requirement.
  • Control Page Visibility
  • Restrict Data
  • Role-Based Permissions
  • Improved Security
  • Zero Maintenance
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Grow & Scale

Elastic infrastructure that comes with pre-configured databases, components, server images, webhooks, APIs, etc that can be easily altered as per your business requirements.
  • High Scalability
  • Ease of Implementation
  • Cost Effective
  • High Collaboration Efficiency
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Why Build Your SaaS on DrapCode?

Very Affordable

As the price model is subscription based, building your SaaS app on DrapCode is very affordable. It removes the capex costs and allows small-scale businesses to easily afford building a web application. Also, they are easy to manage and require no maintenance.

Time Savings

You don’t have to go through the installation, configuration or managing process at all. We will handle all these administrative and management requirements with regular system updates. It means you and your team can easily focus on other business related important tasks.

Highly Mobile

The degree of mobility that SaaS provides is of no match to the traditional app building options. Being a cloud technology, the mobility is very high. Users can access your app using the internet from any location and via any type of device as all apps are highly responsive.

Easily Scalable

Apps built on SaaS models are easy and fast to scale up. You don’t have to purchase any licence or spend huge amounts of money to upgrade your server capacity. Our team will handle the whole process without burdening you with technical processes.


SaaS apps provide audit logs related to business transactions. Consequently, allows you to strategize your business and execute those business plans in the right direction. Moreover, the audit services comply with the internal policies and government regulations.

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