1. Platform Security

We are hosted on AWS which is highly secure. All our servers and databases are multi-layered password protected and only the senior people have access to the servers.

2. Data Security

We provide our recommendation for every app created on DrapCode, so that your team knows what data is being marked public and private so that the data breach can be avoided.

3. SSL Layer

All the communication between the client browser and the application servers happen over the 256 bit SSL layer which encrypts the data over the network, so that no one can access it during the transition phase.

4. Future Plans

  • Security Audit External: Client can prefer to do it at their cost and we will implement all the recommendations
  • Encryption/Decryption of data at REST.(At an additional cost)
  • Encryption of database dump/files (At an additional cost)


Hosted on AWS cloud, so it's highly scalable.


AWS - Highly reliable.