Securing your web apps with the industry standard best practices.

Security of your data and web app is the highest priority for us at DrapCode, so that you can build and launch your web apps with full comfort. We take care of all the security and scalability challanges so you can provide a seamless experience to your users.

DrapCode Security
Secure 256 Bit SSL Encryption

A secure 256 bit encryption SSL technology is used to secure online communication between the user's browser and web app server by encrypting the data with a 256 bit long key. A fully-secured way to send data.

Cloud Security

Web apps built on DrapCode are hosted on standard cloud services such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, etc depending on the location of our data center and client's preference as per their plan.

Continous Backup

We take frequent backups of all the data and logs as frequently as every 2 hours, so that at any point of time if the system needs to be restored from the backup, then we are able to do it with minimal or no loss of data.

Monitored Access & Event Logs

We have industry standard access policies to ensure that only authorised persons can access the system specific data sets. These policies are monitored and logged on a quarterly basis.

Disaster Recovery

We keep a backup of the data and the application code, so in case of any disaster, the system can be made up and running on a parallel infrastrucure within an hour of the event notification hence ensuring almost 0 downtime and loss of data.

Vulnerability Testing

We do continuous VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing) testing so as to make sure that the platform and the web apps are free from vulnerability and there are no security flaws. All the access logs are monitored to check any unauthorised actions.

Advanced Security features for you

We offer some out of the box features to build a compliance-heavy platform catering to industries where data needs to be super secure, such as finance, legal, healthcare, etc. So you can build web apps meeting these industry standards easily on DrapCode.

External Security Audit

For Enterprise clients, we support third-party security audits on the apps built on DrapCode and we will ensure that all the security compliances are upto the required standards. We can complete it for you at an additional cost, or you can engage any 3rd party service and we will implement the recommendations.

Data Encryption

Encryption and Decryption of PII and financial data at Rest and in the backup files, is supported out of the box in DrapCode. You can therefore build fintech, healthtech (HIPAA) compliant web apps on DrapCode. Data gets encrypted using your own encryption keys, so that only you can decode the data.

Deployment Region

With the capability of source code export, you can now deploy the web app at any public or private cloud of your choice or go for on-prem deployment. This will help you to ensure better control of data security and privacy where only your team will have access to the application and the data.

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