Export Entire App Source Code

Download the full source code of your web app without any obligation and hindrance in its growth. The code is clean, human-readible, manageable and extendible so that your team can modify and use it as needed. You are the absolute owner of that source code.

Full Source Code

Download the complete source code of your web app with a single click. You are free to change, modify, extend and distribute the code as needed .

Database Dump

Download the complete database items or dump of your full database, so that you can restore it when your deploy your application elsewhere.

Edit & Deploy

Easily edit the exported source code to add more features and functionalities and deploy it anywhere you want.

No Attribution

Once you export the source code from our platform, it fully belongs to you and is your intellectual property (IP).

Advantages of Export Code


You get full authority over the exported code and the final product without any lock-in from our side.


You can control the development and growth of your web app and launch it wherever you want by exporting the code.


If you want better control as how your app should function then you leave midway and take all you have created so far with you in the form source code.


We support your growth so if needed then you can export the code and take your web app in any direction you want.

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Particulars of Exported Source Code

Well, in DrapCode you get to export everything like the backend code, the frontend, the database, files uploaded, etc

Frontend Code

The frontend gets exported in HTML, CSS & Javascript files. You can then use it as it is of wrap it in any frontend framework of your choice like React, Angular, Vue, etc.

Backend Code

The backend code of your web app gets exported in the Node.js framework, modularised into folder specific to the functionality like routes, controllers, model etc.


The database gets exported in the form of MongoDB dump. You can easily restore it in any MongoDb database such as Atlas, AWS DocumentDb, etc.

NoCode Project Code Export

Exported Source Code - Technology Stack

The source code gets exported in the languages listed below. You can edit the exported code & make desired changes.

NoCode Export Frontend HTML
NoCode Export Frontend CSS
NoCode Export Backend Node.js
NoCode Export Frontend HTML
NoCode Export Backend MongoDB
Mongo DB
NoCode Export Frontend Javascript

Deployment of the Exported Code

Easily deploy your web app's source code on any private or public cloud. Our team ensures you don’t feel restricted in any way.

NoCode Export Deploy AWS NoCode Export Deploy Azure
NoCode Export Deploy Google Cloud NoCode Export Deploy Heroku
NoCode Export Deploy Digital Ocean NoCode Export Deploy IBM Cloud

Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to answer the most common questions related to code export. If you have any futher questions, then please feel free to reach out to us on support[at]drapcode[.]com anytime.

It means downloading the complete source code and database dump of your web application built on DrapCode.
No, exporting source code in DrapCode is not free. Depending on your subscription plan you can export the source code of your web app. The fee varies from plan to plan depending on the size of your web app, so please check our pricing plans for more details.
Yes, you can whenever you want. You can also continue building your web app and download the source code again as needed. Just make sure to keep your subscription active.
Yes, you can do whatever changes you want to do in the exported code in any code editor. Please note that once you have exported the code, you cannot import it back to the DrapCode builder and then make the changes. However, you can make the required changes in your previously created no code app in DrapCode and then export the code again.
Yes, in most of the case it will work seamlessly.
No, you don’t have to provide any attribution to DrapCode or maintain your DrapCode plan after exporting the code.
Yes, you can download the database dump along with the source code anytime. It will have all the data/records which are there in the actual database.
The exported code contains the Backend layer built on Node.js - Express Framework, Frontend is in Javascript/HTML/CSS and the database in MongoDB. We also have plan to support Java - Spring Boot and Python - Django code export feature in our roadmap.
Unfortunately it is too much for us to do, but we have partners available who can help you migrate your app on the servers of your choice at a nominal cost. Please reach out to our support for more details.
Unfortunately it is too much for us to do, but we have partners available who can help you migrate your app on the servers of your choice at a nominal cost. Please reach out to our support for more details.
The source code exported in the DrapCode builder is as below: #. Backend Code (NodeJS) #. Frontend Code (HTML, CSS & Javascript) #. Database : MongoDB We are also adding the support of multiple languages code export option, but that is under development. This is how the exported code looks like: Exported Code Example
The exported source code is your property and you own the absolute IP rights to use, modify or distribute it commercially or freely as you want.

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