Why use DrapCode as a no code web app builder?

DrapCode as a no code web app builder gives you full control over your app’s flow, design as well as deployment. Being a no-code and pro-code platform, DrapCode caters to the needs of everyone from techies to non-techies, developers to citizen developers.
NoCode Tools

We Got Best of Everything!

We have got some of the best features to help you build your no code app quickly and then let you manage it as you want.

No Code

Build production-ready web apps visually in the drag-and-drop interface without writing any line of code.

Low Code

Write code to add custom features in your no code app or use APIs to add custom business logic.

Pro Code

Export source code and do whatever changes you need. Host wherever you prefer and take complete control.

NoCode App Cloud Hosting

One Platform to Build, Multiple Destinations to Launch!

With DrapCode, you can build and design your app without a team of developers and designers and deploy it on multiple platforms.

  • Web Apps: 100% Responsive and fully-functional web apps for your users.
  • PWA Apps: Progressive web apps that can be accessed directly through a web browser.
  • Code Export: Complete code export to edit, launch & manage as you like.
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Visually build and design responsive no code web applications in DrapCode’s easy-to-use builder with amazing features.

Drag & Drop Builder

Multiple beautifully designed components to build your no code app faster by just dragging and dropping them without writing any code.

Custom Coding

Add different custom features & functionalities in your no code web app and enjoy more control over the end product.

Free Templates

Readymade templates with high customisability to build your web application within a day without writing any code.

Plugins Integration

Integrate third-party services to incorporate different features and services in your web app without wasting any time and money.

Code Export

Export the complete source code and database of your no code app and do changes directly in the code if needed.

High Scalability

Optimise and expand your app functionality to grow your business without paying a huge development and maintenance cost.

Solutions for Everyone!

We support out-of-the-box integrations with an ever-growing list of popular applications so you can easily connect your app with external applications seamlessly.

NoCode Startups

Start Ups

Easily execute new business ideas and build MVPs & beyond without technical support and barriers and launch the product with a click of a button.

NoCode Enterprises


Meet tight deadlines of launching new products and services by incorporating DrapCode’s no-code tools and solve the problem of lack of resources and time.

NoCode Developers

Web Developers

Build apps faster with no-code platform to save ample time and customise and deploy them by exporting the code as modifying it as you need.

NoCode Citizen Developers

Citizen Developers

Use the drag-and-drop builder and free templates to build, design and launch your web apps within a day without any technical knowledge and support.

NoCode Makers

No Code Makers

Enjoy the DIY culture of building apps that allows business experts with no knowledge of coding to create new projects without coding.

NoCode Freelancers


Complete multiple tasks faster and submit the final product to your clients with 100% white label without giving any attribution to DrapCode.

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