Features provided by Amazon Simple Email as an Integration

Build apps quickly with your data stored in the external datasource and use DrapCode as a 100% frontend builder.

Email Sending

Utilize Amazon SES to send transactional emails, such as account verification emails, password resets, order confirmations, and notifications.

Email Templates

Create customizable email templates within Drapcode and use Amazon SES to send templated emails.


Incorporate dynamic content and personalization variables into your email templates to tailor messages to individual recipients.

Bulk Email Sending

Implement bulk email sending functionality to reach large audiences with promotional or informational emails.

Transactional Email Triggers

Set up triggers within your application to automatically send transactional emails based on user actions

Integration with Other Services

Integrate Amazon SES with other services and APIs within your Drapcode application

Features provided by DrapCode as a front-end

Using DrapCode as a 100% frontend builder.

Code Export

Design a website on drapCode and you can easily export the source code once you are done making it.

Customizable UI

We provide pre-built templates and features to promote loads of customization.

Enterprise Grade Standard

We offers enterprise-grade standards, ensuring a reliable and scalable platform for building robust solutions


A single instance of the application made on Drapcode can serve multiple customers.

Self Hosting

You can easily deploy and host website using Drapcode.

Multiple Environment

Enable multiple environments such as Sandbox, QA, Pre-Prod to test your application before making it live for end users.

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