Use No Code Solutions for Faster Banking Automation!

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Initiate Streamlined Banking

Make your banking simpler by streamlining the critical business activities and functions. Get rid of obsolete spreadsheets and switch to smartsheets and e-statements to reduce risk. Also, store all the account details and records in one place for secured management.

Automate Emails & Forms

Save time by automating the balance email. Avail self-service portal to standardise different procedures and forms related to investment declarations, expenses and loans, etc. And completely eliminate paper usage and long trails of emails.

Accelerate Approvals & Transactions

Help your team make informed decisions by automating different operations such as customer onboarding, verification procedures, reminders and transaction approvals, etc using no code apps. And overtime gain real-time data with high accuracy for useful insights.

Efficiently Manage Finances

Discard inefficient excel spreadsheets for managing your finances. Instead, optimise your finance management system by automating the process of making deposits, transactions, withdrawals and approvals using no code for efficient decision making.Create a custom web app to manage multiple reports and charts to get better insights for efficient tracking and management that leads to better decision making

NoCode Project Build and Design
NoCode Project Build and Design

Optimise Audit Reporting

Build a custom audit reporting system using no code that allows your managers to conduct regular audits securely from any device. Set custom parameters and generate custom audit reports and scorecards very conveniently. Automatically share these reports with respective clients and officers to save time and ensure a smoother system. Track client data and transactions to ensure a safe and secure process with transparency.

Manage Loans & Investments

Optimise loan and investment management by automating the whole system using no code. Set up an online web app to make loan requests and open investment accounts. Speed up the process of loan approvals through a fully automated workflow system according to your company policies. Track transactions and cash flows using smart dashboards and advanced reports. Reduce manual work and initiate automated data processing.

NoCode Project Build and Design
NoCode Project Build and Design

Digitally Issue Policies

Reduce the hassle of manually issuing policies. Instead, build a simple but effective no code web app for issuing policies online. Go paperless and make policy generation easy and hassle-free for your customers by automating the forms and billing systems. Shift the whole system of setting up an account to online and elevate the user experience of your customers.

Customer Onboarding

Enhance and elevate the whole process of customer onboarding with automated forms, quick identification checks, real-time documentation, etc. Provide all the new customers with a personalised onboarding experience. Make a platform where all teams can collaborate to fetch all required customer details and set up customer accounts without delays.

NoCode Project Build and Design
NoCode Project Build and Design

End-to-end Banking Portals

Provide complete banking services online by building an end-to-end banking portal using no code. Deploy a customer-friendly banking system that allows customers to manage their accounts, savings and transactions conveniently on their own. Discard manual processing completely and try to reduce banking visits for your customers by deploying online forms and approvals.

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