Stacker is a no-code builder that enables users to create web applications by connecting to their existing data sources, such as databases and spreadsheets. It simplifies the development process by offering a visual interface and pre-built templates.

Best Features

  • Data Integration: Seamlessly connects with various data sources, like Google Sheets and databases.
  • Visual Builder: Allows for drag-and-drop design of app interfaces and workflows.
  • Automation: Offers workflow automation and logic to manage data and processes.
  • User Authentication: Supports user access control and authentication.
  • Integration with Third-Party Tools: Easily integrates with third-party services and APIs.

Use Cases

  • Data Dashboards: Create data-driven dashboards and analytics tools to monitor business performance.
  • Task Management: Develop task management and project tracking applications.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Customize your CRM system to match your unique business needs.
  • Inventory Management: Build inventory tracking and management systems.
  • Directory and Listing Websites:Create directories and listing platforms for various industries.


Data Integration: Easily connects to existing data sources, eliminating the need for manual data entry.
Rapid Development: Accelerates app development with pre-built templates and a no-code interface.
User Access Control: Offers user authentication and role-based access control.
Workflow Automation: Automates data management and process workflows.
Scalability: Can be used for small projects or scaled to accommodate more extensive applications.


Learning Curve: Despite being no-code, there may be a learning curve for users new to the platform.
Costs: The price can increase as applications grow and require more resources.
Limited Customization: Advanced, highly specialized features may require custom development.
Performance: Application performance can be affected by complex workflows and extensive database usage.
Vendor Lock-In: Migrating away from Stacker to a traditional codebase can be challenging.


Stacker offers several pricing tiers:

  • Starter Plan: $79/month, for small teams just getting started.
  • Plus Plan: $179/month, for small businesses using Stacker to scale.
  • Pro Plan: $349/month, for growing businesses to share data securely.
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing for large companies with complex data needs.

Why use Stacker?

Stacker is an excellent choice for users looking to quickly create web applications that integrate seamlessly with existing data sources. It's particularly suited for data-driven applications, such as dashboards, CRM systems, and project management tools. Stacker's no-code approach simplifies the development process, and its pricing structure allows for easy scalability. Users can save time and resources by repurposing their data into custom web apps tailored to their specific needs.

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