Features provided by Calendy as an Integration

Build apps quickly with your data stored in the external datasource and use DrapCode as a 100% frontend builder.

Booking Widgets

Incorporate Calendly's booking widgets directly into your Drapcode website or application.

Automated Reminders

Integrate automated reminder emails or notifications using Calendly's reminder features.

Time Zone Conversion

Implement time zone conversion functionality to accommodate users from different regions or time zones.

Group Scheduling

Enable group scheduling capabilities within Drapcode using Calendly's group events feature.

Integration with CRM

Integrate with CRM systems like Salesforce or productivity tools like Slack and Microsoft Outlook to sync appointment data


Provide users with insights into their scheduling activities and appointment metrics using Calendly's analytics feature.

Features provided by DrapCode as a front-end

Using DrapCode as a 100% frontend builder.

Code Export

Design a website on drapCode and you can easily export the source code once you are done making it.

Customizable UI

We provide pre-built templates and features to promote loads of customization.

Enterprise Grade Standard

We offers enterprise-grade standards, ensuring a reliable and scalable platform for building robust solutions


A single instance of the application made on Drapcode can serve multiple customers.

Self Hosting

You can easily deploy and host website using Drapcode.

Multiple Environment

Enable multiple environments such as Sandbox, QA, Pre-Prod to test your application before making it live for end users.

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